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Andy's Story of Getting Involved with TDAS

"Before I was approached by TDAS to join the board I had been looking for an opportunity to get involved with a third sector group in the Manchester area.  I now work in the public sector but prior to taking up my current post I worked for a third sector organisation for many years and was involved through being an elected representative, with several others, including a Women’s Aid group. In my view the Women’s Aid movement has been one of the most significant factors in raising awareness and changing attitudes to domestic abuse and can be credited with saving the lives of thousands of women since its inception in the 1970s.   

I got involved with TDAS because I think men should own the problem of domestic violence. In the vast majority of cases it is a crime perpetrated by men against women and is a problem of male behaviour that reflects the continuing in-balance of power between the genders  Men should recognise their collective part in this and, if they can, offer their support to women who try to help other women escape abuse and to bring about change in society as a whole and I am happy to do what I can to support the work of the dedicated women that govern and staff the organisation. The professionalism of the workforce and the commitment of the trustees is inspirational and makes a massive difference to the lives of the many women and children TDAS provides refuge and other services to.

TDAS is part of the struggle against a deeply ingrained societal problem but it also has a modern outlook.  Recognising that gender is not necessarily fixed and that men can sometimes be victims of domestic abuse has widened the outlook of the organisation. Its work with children and young people to raise awareness is particularly ground breaking and inspirational.

It is a privilege to play a small part in an organisation that makes such a huge difference. For somebody whose work prevents them from engaging directly in political activity my involvement with TDAS allows me to support a cause which is key to the better, more equal society I have argued and campaigned for throughout my adult life. "


Andy Mudd, TDAS Trustee 

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