Samantha - CEO

I have worked in the voluntary sector for over thirteen years and as a young person who needed support, I have always been interested in supporting people who may be facing difficult times. My journey started at fifteen years old when I began volunteering at a local nursery and youth club and this continued right through to my days at university where I became a volunteer-learning mentor for teenagers. I have a degree in Psychology and originally wanted to be a College Teacher but I quickly learnt that my love for direct support work would send me in a different direction and I haven’t looked back since.


I am extremely passionate about service-user involvement and believe that their voice should be at the centre of all we do. This stemmed from my time as Client Inclusion Champion when I was a Project Worker supporting homeless women facing multiple disadvantage.


I joined Team TDAS in 2010 as a Refuge Support Worker and since the day I walked through the door I knew TDAS was where I was destined to be. I feel extremely privileged to lead such an amazing organisation with amazing people providing amazing things to the families of Trafford. I am also a very proud Mummy and Step Mummy to two little girls and to Georgie the puppy.

Kirsty - Services Manager

I began working for TDAS back in 2011 as the Children and Young People’s Support  Worker, as my career with TDAS developed my passion to offer support to adults and children continued to grow.


I am truly grateful for being able to manage such an enthusiastic, dedicated team and love being able to support them in delivering our life-changing services.

I love what TDAS stands for and how far we have come as an organisation in supporting adults and children effected by domestic abuse.


Outside of TDAS I am a proud mum and step mum to two fantastic boys, family and friends mean the world to me.

Anita - Services Manager

Hi, I’m Anita. I am delighted to have taken up the temporary role as Services Manager with TDAS following my relocation from Europe, where I have lived and worked for the past 5 years. During my career I have been fortunate to work in a wide range of roles within a number of organisations where the focus of the work has ultimately been around enabling individuals to reach their potential to lead happy and fulfilling lives. I am looking forward to working alongside the TDAS team to continue to develop and enhance the direct support offered locally to victims of domestic abuse and their families within Trafford Borough.  I believe in a strong team ethos and look forward to working with the current and future members of TDAS as well as partners organisations and clients.

Kirsty - Business Development Manager

Hi, I’m Kirsty.  My role at TDAS is to develop the charity by making more people aware of the great work we do and getting them and their business involved. 

I previously worked in a senior role in digital advertising before moving into the charity sector.  I love that TDAS is a local charity and that all the money we raise benefits people in Trafford.  Those who volunteer or get involved in other ways are really impacted when they see the tangible improvements our work brings.   

Vanessa - Volunteer Coordinator 

Hi I’m Vanessa. I look after the volunteers who give their time to TDAS. I love working with volunteers and seeing the amazing impact that they have on our service-users’ lives.


Volunteers make such a difference to our organisation and we are so grateful to anyone who can give their time to support the valuable work that we do. Before joining TDAS, I trained as a counsellor and supported men, women and young people who had experienced sexual abuse or trafficking. I have done lots of volunteering in my own spare time and I’m passionate about encouraging people to give something back to their local community.

I have a soft spot for anything chocolatey and I love good coffee!

Jayne - Finance Officer

Jade - Services Coordinator

Hi, I’m Jade, I am a mother of two beautiful children. I am the office administrator for TDAS and I love being a part of such an amazing charity that helps to support and transform the lives of victims of domestic abuse. I have seen first-hand how domestic abuse can affect people’s lives and from this it has gave me a strong passion to help those in need to access the right to be free and safe and to have the strength to create a brighter future for themselves.

Amna - Finance Officer

Hi, I’m Amna; one of the Finance Officers and have been working with TDAS for over two years now.

My role covers the financial aspects of the charity, ensuring our yearly accounts are kept up to date.

As a charity, it’s very important that all our financial statements are transparent, accurate and available for our stakeholders.

Working for TDAS is such a wonderful experience. It’s so amazing to see how we make such a huge difference to those in need.

Hi, I’m Jayne.  I’m part of the Finance team.  My role covers all the financial aspects of the organisation and I help ensure that our accounts are accurate and up to date.  Up to date financial data and reports is hugely important to the successful running of the charity and our statements need to be timely and accurate so that stakeholders can be certain that the charity’s money is well stewarded.  Working for TDAS, as part of a professional, caring and supportive team, is very rewarding.  I am passionate about the work TDAS does.  I love to see the difference to people’s lives that this organisation makes.

TDAS Community Team

Sandra - Domestic Abuse Advisor

I have worked for TDAS as the Floating Support, Domestic Abuse Advisor for nearly eight years. I support the residents of Trafford who have been affected by domestic abuse and its effects.


Every household I have supported has been as varied as is interesting.  I have learned that domestic abuse matters to all of us regardless whether we have any experience of it.

Tracy - Domestic Abuse Advisor

Hi I'm Tracy. I am an outreach domestic abuse advisor. I have worked in the voluntary sector supporting those affected by domestic abuse for over six years. 

My role at TDAS is to provide face to face support and advice within Trafford community settings.  I love the work that TDAS does and the variety of support services they offer.

In a world where technology and social media advance and personal interactions are becoming more digitalised, I strongly believe it is vital to all suffering the affects of domestic abuse that they have the opportunity  to sit down with a trained advisor and receive face-to-face support and reassurance. 


We have 4 IDVAs supporting the team who come from a wide and diverse professional background. They are here to support anyone who falls within the high risk category following the DA risk assessment process. 

Lee - Domestic Abuse Advisor

Hi my name is Lee. My background is holistic therapies in which I have over 20 years’ experience.  I joined TDAS in August 2018 as a Domestic Abuse worker for the Supporting Change Service.

Previously I worked for ten years for Victim Support as a Victim Care Officer and then later as Independent Victim Advocate.

My role is to provide first contact and short-term support to those that contact our service via phone, email or face to face. I’m passionate about supporting individuals to realise their own resilience, so they become empowered to make positive changes in their lives. 

Sharan - Domestic Abuse Advisor

My name is Sharan, I have three grown-up children and I have worked for TDAS supporting women and children for over twenty years. For ten years my focus was mainly on the support of children and young people specifically. I then retrained and worked in the role of an Information and Advice Worker.  For the past six years, I’ve worked as a Domestic Abuse Advisor based at the refuge. I enjoy my role as no two days are the same and it’s fulfilling when you see the positive journey the families make. There’s lots of thinking on your feet and problem solving, but all adds to the sense of satisfaction when the positive outcomes are achieved.

TDAS Accommodation Team

Donna - Accommodation Team Leader

I have been working in domestic abuse sector for five years supporting women and children who are living in refuge.  It is a job I thoroughly enjoy and there is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have empowered a woman to take control of her life and move forward. I have recently moved to Manchester from the south and am loving the new challenges that my new role brings.

Victoria - Domestic Abuse Advisor

I am passionate about raising awareness of domestic abuse.  During the past four years, I have worked alongside survivors to empower them to become more confident, resilient and independent.  As a Domestic Abuse Advisor in the refuge my role is varied and often challenging but I am privileged to be a part of the positive changes in the lives of the families I support.

Mary - Move on Domestic Abuse Advisor

Hi, I’m Mary and I am a Move On Domestic Abuse Advisor.

My role within TDAS is to support women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to maintain their tenancies, prevent homelessness and to resettle into the community.

I have over thirty years’ experience working with children and their families. My previous role was an Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor, I have supported those affected by domestic abuse to consider the options available to them and to develop safety plans.

My role within TDAS is varied and every day I learn something new. I love meeting new people and building relationships with the ladies I am working with.

Outside of TDAS I am a Mum to three grown up boys. Although they are no longer little, they still need their Mum which I love!

Zile - Move On Domestic Abuse Advisor

Hi my name is Zile.  I have been working for TDAS for the past three years as the Move On Domestic Abuse Advisor.  I am a qualified Social Worker with twenty years experience working in the voluntary sector.  I have experience working in the following areas of work: welfare rights, mental health, children of prisoners, carers, prison service and children with challenging and behavioural needs.  


I have vast knowledge and experience of working with Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, addressing issues around discrimination, stigma, oppression and challenging stereotypes. I am able to communicate in Urdu, Punjabi and English. 

Amy - Complex Needs Domestic Abuse  Advisor

Hi, my name is Amy. I’ve worked in the domestic violence sector for just over ten years. I have enjoyed many different roles and currently work in the refuge. It is a privilege to be able to work with the families and so rewarding watching them grow in confidence and move on to live a life without abuse.


I moved to Manchester from the Midlands around seven years ago and love it here. I have two little girls that keep me very busy!

Emily - Volunteer Coordinator 

I have worked in voluntary sector for the last nine years.  I enjoy helping and supporting people.  I began by volunteering for a rehabilitation centre in Bury St Edmunds, which led to paid work as a Recovery Coordinator.  I took this knowledge to Asia and worked in therapeutic recovery centre, whilst volunteering at Children’s Organisation of Southeast Asia preventing young girls from being trafficked.  Volunteering at COSA changed my life and my understanding of the world.  My compassion saw new depths and seeing the effects of neglect and sexual abuse on young girls showed me my next steps in life; I wanted to be of service, primarily to women.


Having moved back to Manchester and wanting to support women, I’m very glad to join TDAS in the Volunteer Coordinator role. 

TDAS Children and Young People Team

Amy - Children & Young People Team Leader 

Hi I’m Amy, I started working for TDAS is 2014 as a Children’s Worker over the summer in refuge. I fell in love with the work that TDAS does to support Children and Young people who have witnessed domestic abuse. I now co-ordinate the Children and Young People service and supervise our amazing Children and Young People’s workers, we have a fantastic service where children are at the heart of what we do. Often children and young people can be the hidden victims of domestic abuse and I’m really passionate about their voice being heard and breaking the cycle.

Trafford Team

Samantha - Children & Young People Support worker

Hello, I am Samantha! Helping children and families is a big passion of mine. I am enthusiastic about making an impact which will have positive outcomes. My approach to my role is very passionate, child-focused and family orientated. My favourite positivity quote is: "Hope is a passion that burns the brightest!"

Abby - Children & Young People Support Worker

Hi, I’m Abby. I’m a Children and young people support worker here at TDAS, although I’m quite new I was brought here through a love of working with children and young people and a drive to help those affected by domestic violence.  Previously, I spent five years as a primary school teacher and am about to gain my counselling diploma!

I’m loving working with the team at TDAS and look forward to working with the community around Trafford.

Jeanette - Children and Families Support Worker

Hi! I’m Jeanette.

I have been supporting children, young people and families up and down the country for many years.  Life is hard, and every one of us needs extra support at different times in our lives.  In my role at TDAS I have the absolute privilege of being in a position to offer some of that extra support- journeying together with families as they find hope, strength and resilience.

Megan - CYP Support Worker

Hi, my name is Megan!  I have worked with children for almost five years, throughout a variety of different roles.  My passion, for as long as I can remember, has been to work with children.  I have experience working with children of all ages from working in the baby room of a private day nursery, to working for Thomas Cook as a children’s entertainer in Bulgaria!

I now work in the TDAS Refuge as a CYP support worker, supporting all the residents through a variety of play, family and learning sessions!  My role is to support the children and families to settle into their new home in the refuge, ensure they feel welcome and understand some of the big changes that have happened in their lives.

Salford Team

Jenny - Service Coordinator for Salford's CYP Service

Hi, I'm Jenny, I joined TDAS in 2020 as the Service Coordinator for Salford's CYP Service; I'm a qualified Social Worker with over 6 years experience of working in the voluntary sector.  I have managed and worked in specialist refuges for past 3 years, I recognise the detrimental impact that repeated exposure to abuse can have on an individual. I'm dedicated to being a part of the wider effort to break the cycle of abuse; particularly in encouraging brighter futures and more positive outcomes for it's often unseen victims - children and young people.


My role at TDAS is to coordinate the set up and delivery of the Salford CYP service, to lead and supervise the CYP team and ensure the provisions of a flexible range of service for children and young people in the community who have experienced abuse.

Reah - Young Person's IDVA

Hi, I'm Reah.  I joined TDAS in 2020; I am a qualified Social Worker and I am currently studying criminology and forensic psychology.  I am passionate about working with people and getting the best outcome for them!  I have had plenty of experience working in and around the community with people of various backgrounds.  I will mainly be working with Young People ages 14 -18 in the Salford area.  I feel it is important to care; listen and spread positivity.  My favourite quote is; Beyond Fear; Lies Freedom! 

Tee – Trauma Informed Children’s Worker

I believe every child deserves to grow up in a safe and secure environment; witnessing domestic abuse can hinder that possibility. Therefore I am passionate about working alongside children in identifying and addressing their needs.  As a Trauma Informed Worker in Salford I am working in schools and the local community, empowering children and young people to thrive in all environments. 

Paige - Parent and Child Attachment Worker

Hi! my name is Paige, I joined TDAS in May 2020, and my background has always been working with children for the past 10 years.  I have a real passion for children, enabling them have their voice heard and their needs met.  My role at TDAS is a Parent and Attachment Worker, I will be ensuring that families needs will be met and helping develop the happy and positive relationships that are so important for children’s development.

Karima - Group Facilitator

Hi, my name is Karima and I joined the TDAS team in April 2020.  I completed my post-graduate studies in 2013 which focused specifically upon domestic violence with a theoretical and fieldwork emphasis.  I have since been working in the voluntary sector and have worked predominantly with vulnerable young people and children in various settings. I have extensive knowledge of working with BME communities (BME women in particular) and I am also a fluent speaker of the Arabic language.  

My role at TDAS as a Children and Young Peoples Group Facilitator is to provide support to children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

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