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From time to time we need specific items for our refuge residents.  We advertise these needs on our social media pages.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept other offers of clothes donations due to lack of storage.

Thank you for your understanding!   

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Confidentiality is a really important part of our service. The address of our refuge is confidential; this keeps residents safe and enables us to keep delivering our services. The content of support sessions is confidential to the service as a whole, with some exceptions. The exceptions being: if someone discloses to us that a child or young person is at risk of serious harm or that they intend to harm themselves or another person, or if there is criminal activity involved. We will always try to gain consent to share this information, as we only share if we feel that not doing so will cause further harm. 

If we cannot gain consent we may decide to break confidentiality. This is not an easy decision, and not something we ever do lightly. 

Trust is a very important part of our work and our confidentiality policy will be explained to everyone we work with.

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