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The REACH Project

Reaching Out

The REACH project was specifically designed to reach the most marginalised survivors with multiple disadvantage who need specialist support to break free from Domestic Abuse.


TDAS provide:

A Diverse Communities Domestic Abuse Advisor (DCDAA) to support victims from minority backgrounds who have had to flee their homes due to Domestic Abuse including Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence. The DCDAA will provide trauma informed, person-centred support and safety to families who live in our Accommodation including advocacy, language support, managing finances, safety planning, child contact, and emotional support.

A Complex Needs Domestic Abuse Advisor (CNDAA) who will provide trauma informed support and coordinate care packages for victims accessing TDAS community services who have multiple support needs. They will work at identifying barriers victims may be facing to accessing specialist support, building relationships to support them to manage their mental wellbeing and resilience.

A Young Persons Domestic Abuse Advisor (YPDA) who will support young people in their own abusive relationships who are experiencing the traumatic effects of domestic abuse. The YPDA  will support young people to improve their confidence and resilience to prevent them becoming adult victims of domestic abuse.



"I've been thinking a lot about how

grateful I am to TDAS and about how fortunate me and the kids are

not to be living with him anymore."

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