As a volunteer at TDAS you can contribute your time and skills in all sorts of different ways. Have a look at the volunteer roles we offer:


Children's Volunteer

Helping TDAS to provide a welcoming, safe, stimulating and inclusive environment in which children/young people can be supported, enjoy themselves, develop to their full potential.

What we offer you as a volunteer

Gather valuable personal experience

Paid travel expenses

Collect expert know-how for your degree or career

Stand up for an important cause 

Training and support

Engage in tasks of your choice

To be a part of a diverse social environment

One time or regular commitments

Receive regular support from our Volunteer Coordinator

Flexibility in your volunteering

What We Look for in Volunteers 

We are interested in receiving volunteer applications from those with a basic understanding of domestic abuse, its effects on the victims, and their families or a desire to learn more.

Find Out More About Volunteering 

Please contact us to discuss current opportunities admin@tdas.org.uk


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‘The thing I liked most about TDAS was probably how friendly all team were and

how appreciative they were that I was there.'