Back to Me

The Back to Me Programme is a Personal Development course built around the realities and effects of domestic abuse.  It runs for one 3 hour session and has been a key step in moving on for a number of our service users. 

This course is for women and is facilitated by women.  It is a safe space to share with others and learn new skills to use in everyday life.  The women who have attended the course have found it incredibly beneficial in helping them to focus on and take care of themselves and to move forward after experiencing domestic abuse.  The programme is available to women who are living or working in Trafford.

The programme covers the following topics:

  • Communication skills

  • Confidence building 

  • Assertiveness

  • Goal setting 

  • How to be happier 


It is free of charge to the women who attend. 


Back to Me is a TDAS programme written by domestic abuse specialist, with special thanks to Deborah Gardner


"I've been thinking a lot about how

grateful I am to TDAS and about how fortunate me and the kids are

not to be living with him anymore."