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Teacher Training Offer


TDAS provide Domestic Abuse Awareness Training designed by Professionals, Bespoke for Teachers.


Our half day course is for professionals and volunteers who may come into contact or work with victims of domestic abuse.

The Course Aims and Objectives:

  • Raise practitioners' awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on victims and their families on a national and local level

  • Raise practitioners awareness of stalking and harassment, including online abuse and the potential warning signs

  • Raise practitioners awareness of coercion and control, the tactics used by perpetrators and the legislation that protects victims of this form of abuse 

  • Raise practitioners awareness of domestic abuse and its link with homelessness including recent changes in the Homeless Reduction Act

  • Look at how we, as practitioners, respond to those experiencing and perpetrating domestic abuse/stalking and harassment and how to do this safely

  • Increase participants' ability to offer the appropriate help and support to victims of domestic abuse, offering both practical and emotional support

  • Provide information on where specialist support and help can be obtained for victims and professionals, including victims legal rights, Clare’s Law

  • Raise standards of good practice

After completion of the course, participants will be able to:


  • Demonstrate knowledge of domestic abuse and its impact on victims and children, including coercion and control, stalking and harassment, Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence and Female Gential Mutilation

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the extent of domestic abuse and its impact on victims and their children and family members

  • Identify the support available to victims including refuges, outreach projects, the police, housing, health services and the criminal justice system

  • Respond to disclosures of domestic abuse appropriately and safely

  • Understand the need for effective inter and multi-agency working


Bespoke training packages are also available.   Please contact us for further details.



Very informative session which has made me more confident in dealing with domestic abuse situations. Thank you.

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