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Victims Voice Project

We have a dedicated Victims Voice Facilitator, who facilitates and is responsible for engaging victims of all ages and diverse backgrounds, in order to gather feedback from those experiencing domestic abuse or are impacted by domestic abuse to inform future service developments.


The need for this service has been identified under The Domestic Abuse Act (2021), where there is a duty placed on Local Authorities to launch a Local Partnership Board which will have representation of the voice of the victim and children and young people.  


The Victims Voice Facilitator role is to reach as many victims as possible, to be able to advocate for them and share their views at the Local Partnership Board, to enable their voices to be conveyed in their own words and/or support in victims attending the meetings.  The victim’s voice is crucial in understanding what is working well in terms of the services available in Trafford and where there are areas for the development of services and information.


There needs to be a variety of ways to engage with victims who would like to feedback on their experience of services in Trafford to ensure the service is accessible to all.


An essential part of processing the impact domestic abuse has on a victim, is to restore a sense of control over their own lives. It is important to enable the victim to decide a place and time that suits them to feedback on services and therefore we are flexible in our delivery.


Our service provides, community hubs, online surveys, feedback questionnaires as well as one to one sessions and we are constantly reviewing how to reach more victims to share their views.


If you would like to get involved with the service or know somebody who would, please contact Lorna at or via phone 07840 985 030

                                                           to have your say


This information is invaluable to assist us in supporting victims/survivors.

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