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True Colours

Women empowering women

The True Colours© Programme is a 6-week CPD accredited information and support programme built around the realities and effects of domestic abuse. 

This programme runs for 2 hours a week and we believe that it could change your life! 

This course is for women and is facilitated by women.  It is a safe space to share with others and learn more about the effects of domestic abuse.  Women who have attended this course have found it incredibly beneficial in helping them understand the complexities around domestic abuse, identify unhealthy relationships and learn strategies to protect themselves in the future.  The programme is available to women who are living or working in Trafford, who want to learn more about domestic abuse and its effects.

The Overall Aim of the Course is:

To gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and effects of Domestic Abuse.


1. To increase attendee’s knowledge and understanding of the impact of domestic abuse both practically and emotionally. 
2. To increase attendee’s ability to recognise the traits/attitudes/actions of a perpetrator.
3. For attendees to feel more empowered to take control of their lives.
4. To increase attendee’s understanding of the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviours within a relationship.
5. To increase attendee’s awareness of safety and security within relationships.


It is free of charge to the women who attend.  However, please ensure that you are able to attend all of the six sessions of the programme as there is a waiting list and places are limited. 

We can also provide the course on an individual basis, a charge will be applied.  Please call to discuss your individual requirements.

True Colours© is a TDAS owned programme written by domestic abuse specialist Deborah Flitcroft, with special thanks. 



"I've been thinking a lot about how

grateful I am to TDAS and about how fortunate me and the kids are

not to be living with him anymore."

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