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Wills and Legacies

At TDAS, we are passionately committed to educating the next generation about healthy relationships, and empowering children and young people to develop the awareness they need to spot attempts to manipulate and abuse them now and in the future.

Leaving a gift to TDAS in your will is a great way of helping  ensure that TDAS' services continue to be available for generations to come.    

How can you support TDAS?

We suggest speaking to the solicitor who is preparing your will for more information, as we are unable to offer any legal advice.

Here are some different ways that a gift to TDAS can be included in your will.

  • The gift of an item e.g. shares, property.  This is a 'Specific Legacy'.

  • A sum of money.   This is a 'Pecuniary Legacy'.

  • Part of your estate e.g. a percentage of the value of your estate after all taxes, specific gifts and the cost of administering the estate have been paid.  This is a 'Residuary Legacy'.

Supporting TDAS In Memory Of Someone Special

You may wish to make a gift to TDAS in memory of someone special or, instead of having flowers at a funeral, asking people to donate to TDAS instead.

Please get in touch and we can help you with this.  If you wish, we can feature a in memoriam message on our website.

Our Supporters:

In Memoriam

Joan Smith 

1934 - 2021

"Mum cared passionately about women's rights.  Donating to TDAS is a fitting tribute to her."

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