YP Sexual Health IDVA

Salford Children and Young People's Team

Hi, my name is Alice, and I am the Young Persons Sexual Health IDVA. I work with young people age 11-18 who have been affected by abuse, either within their own relationship or within their family. I believe our teenage years and early relationships are vital in the development of healthy relationships throughout life; most evidence shows we model our future relationship from what we see and experience during childhood. My role allows me to teach and support young people during these vital years to not only recognise abuse but develop supportive, healthy relationships. I am a strong advocate for trauma informed practice and truly believe people can thrive following abuse. My previously roles were in statutory services where I supported family's on child protection plans.


Parent and Child Attachment Worker

Salford Children and Young People's Team

Hi! my name is Paige, I joined TDAS in May 2020, and my background has always been working with children for the past 10 years. I have a real passion for children, enabling them have their voice heard and their needs met. My role at TDAS is a Parent and Attachment Worker, I will be ensuring that families needs will be met and helping develop the happy and positive relationships that are so important for children’s development.


Young Person's IDVA

Salford Children and Young People's Team

Hi, I'm Reah. I joined TDAS in 2020; I am a qualified Social Worker and I am currently studying criminology and forensic psychology. I am passionate about working with people and getting the best outcome for them! I have had plenty of experience working in and around the community with people of various backgrounds. I will mainly be working with Young People ages 14 -18 in the Salford area. I feel it is important to care; listen and spread positivity. My favourite quote is; Beyond Fear; Lies Freedom!


Children and Young People's Group Facilitator

Salford Children and Young People's Team

Hi, my name is Sophie and I am a CYP Support Worker – Group Facilitator based in Salford. Before joining the team in December 2020 I studied Childhood & Youth Studies and Criminology at university. I enjoy working alongside others to aid their holistic development and wellbeing. My role within TDAS is very child-focused as I am involved in running the R’Space group programme for children and young people who have or currently are living with domestic abuse and suffering from the effects. The programme provides a safe and stimulating environment where trauma-informed support is available. I also run workshops on healthy relationships in high schools. The workshop focuses on empowering young people to stay safe, develop and maintain healthy relationships. To ensure the best positive outcomes for all children and young people I also deliver Domestic Abuse training to professionals in Salford.


Trauma-informed Children's Worker

Salford Children and Young People's Team

I believe every child deserves to grow up in a safe and secure environment; witnessing domestic abuse can hinder that possibility. Therefore I am passionate about working alongside children in identifying and addressing their needs. As a Trauma Informed Worker in Salford I am working in schools and the local community, empowering children and young people to thrive in all environments.