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My Rights

We believe that a person has these rights.  Consider if are your rights being respected.


  • To NOT be abused

  • To choose to change my situation

  • To leave an abusive environment, at any time

  • To be free from the fear of abuse

  • To request and expect assistance from police or social agencies

  • To share my feelings and not be isolated from others

  • To want better for myself and my children

  • To ask for what I want

  • To refuse requests or demands I don't want to or can't meet

  • To express all my thoughts and/or feelings whether positive or negative

  • To change my mind at any time for any reason or no reason

  • To make mistakes and not have to be perfect

  • To follow my own values and standards

  • To say "no" to anything when I don't want to do or if I feel I am not ready

  • To determine my own priorities

  • To not be responsible for other peoples behaviour, actions, feelings or problems

  • To expect honesty from others

  • To be angry at someone I love

  • To be uniquely myself

  • To feel scared and say “I’m afraid.”

  • To say “I don’t know.”

  • To not give excuses or reasons for my behaviour

  • To make decisions based on my own feelings/rationale

  • To my own needs for personal space and time

  • To be playful and frivolous

  • To be healthier than those around me

  • To be in a non-abusive environment

  • To make friends and be comfortable around other people

  • To change and grow

  • To have my needs and wants respected by others

  • To be treated with dignity and respect.

  • To be happy

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