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Trafford Children & Young People's Team


Children and Young People’s Team Leader

Trafford Children and Young People's Team

Hello, I am Sam! I have been at TDAS for over 3 years supporting children, young people and families. My career at TDAS has grown and developed with my passion to help all survivors of domestic abuse. I am enthusiastic about ensuring all who access TDAS CYP support, receive empowering interventions and achieve positive outcomes. I feel so proud to manage such a child-focused and family orientated team, who offer exceptional support and knowledge to families across Trafford.


CYP Support Worker

Trafford Children and Young People's Team

Hello. My role with TDAS involves working with children and young people in the community. This can involve running small groups, delivering lessons in schools and holding 1-2-1 sessions with children and young people. I have worked with vulnerable children for over 15 years. My approach is child focussed and trauma informed. I offer guidance and support working towards positive outcomes. I am passionate that everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential and live a fulfilling life.


MAC CYP support worker

Trafford Children and Young People's Team

Hi, my name is Katie! All young people have the right to feel safe, and have access to opportunities to help them flourish. At TDAS, I have the privilege to support & nurture Children through the difficulties they’ve experienced, whilst enabling them to realise their strengths & worth. My approach is flexible, centring support around each individual’s needs & uniqueness to work towards their own goals, ensuring they feel understood. I’m also excited to be a part of a new project “Make a Change”- to help transform the lives of children & families in Trafford. Watch this space!


Children and Young People's Support Worker

Trafford Children and Young People's Team

Hello, my name is Alice! My role with TDAS involves supporting children and young people to deal with any past or present trauma related to domestic abuse. I find it extremely rewarding to work with children and I hope to have a positive impact on their lives. I strive to encourage and empower them by providing child-centred care and support.

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